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This Unit Plan includes 18 lesson plans based on my book, Sunny Finds Her Shine and is designed to be used alongside the 'Find Your Shine' Workbook. I wanted to create an easy way for teachers/counselors and parents to implement mindfulness and social-emotional learning into the classroom and their homes.


Download and print this unit plan for easy access! 

Tip: Get it spiral bound!


This unit includes:


  • discussion questions + vocabulary
  • meditation/breathwork scripts
  • how to: yoga cues
  • art activities
  • writing activities
  • group games/shares
  • mindful coping tools


I love seeing how people use these activities with children. 

Please share pictures/videos on IG and use #findyourshinekids and tag us @findyourshinekids 

or email us at!

Mindfulness Unit Plan

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