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Get Reiki Certified

Reiki was the catalyst that started

my journey into myself.

Getting to share this with others

is my soul's purpose.

I'm thrilled to be offering Reiki Certification Courses throughout San Diego and Southern California!

Reiki Level 1

Heal Yourself 

Reiki Level 2

Heal Others

Reiki 1 is all about learning how to give healing to yourself. Before we can effectively give healing to others, we must learn how to take care of ourselves. By healing ourselves, we are able to be present as our best self to others and the healing spreads.

You will :


  • learn what Reiki is and how to use it in your every day life

    • the history of the Usui Reiki Lineage​

    • the reiki symbols & principles

  • learn how to use reiki to heal yourself from the energetic blockages that cause pain, anxiety, stress, and more

  • leave with an in depth understanding of the chakra system and various ways to heal the energy body

    • how to use crystals, mantras, plant medicine, oracle cards, & pendulums as tools for healing

  • learn how to tap into your intuition & be confident in your ability to make decisions

  • activate your sacral chakra by creating a unique painting using chakra healing colors and mantras 

  • participate in a reiki attunement ceremony that includes a chakra balancing meditation and hands-on reiki healing

  • receive a reiki practitioner manual and an official Reiki Practitioner Certificate, with the option to advance to Level 2 (giving reiki to others)

In Reiki 2, you will learn how to give reiki to others. Whether you are interested in working as a reiki practitioner, or just be able to give reiki to people in your life, this course will teach you how to use reiki to help heal others. This class incorporates a lot of hands on practice.

You will:


  • learn how to read other people's chakras and how to use reiki to help balance their and bring healing to their lives

  • practice how to feel energy in others & help them release unwanted energies during a session 

  • learn effective ways to protect yourself from negative energies during a session

  • learn how to perform energetic cord cutting - letting go of attachments to past events & emotions that may be holding you or your client back

  • practice giving reiki to others in person and through long distance healing

  • leave with the tools needed to help you structure a reiki session and confidently give reiki to other

  • receive a reiki 2 practitioners manual & and official Reiki Practitioner Certificate that can allow you to build a business with Reiki.

"After Reiki 1, I am filled with so much confidence and the fear I had is definitely gone. I completely feel like a whole different person." - Esther B.

Upcoming Courses

Reiki 1 + 2

$249 per class or $400 for both

Reiki 1

February 8, 12-5pm

Reiki 2

February 9, 12-5pm

Sierra Shanti

Bishop, CA

Reiki 1

February 16, 12-5pm

Reiki 2

March 15, 12-5pm

Glow Hot Yoga

Huntington Beach, CA

One on One Attunements:

Orange County

+ San Diego


By appointment

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