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What are your 5 bodies telling you?

How often do you pause to check in with yourself? Like, really check in and notice what your bodies are telling you. Yes, bodies, plural.

Physical Body

Our physical form; everything you can see and touch

Mental Body

Our thoughts and beliefs, consciousness

Emotional Body

Our feelings and emotions; new and old

Spiritual Body

Our soul, spirit that lives within this physical form

Energetic Body

Our energy centers/chakras, aura; affects all of the other bodies

If we get into a practice of tuning in with ourselves, we start to realize the ways our bodies are talking to us and we can more easily hear the messages we are being told and can use that information to determine our choices.

These parts of us are all interconnected. So often we are go go go, taught to power through. By doing so, we tend to ignore or not even recognize the subtle whispers of guidance whether through a physical sensation, a thought, feeling, or intuitive hit. The more we ignore these messages, the louder they become.

Try this grounding practice

1. Sit or lay comfortably and close your eyes.

2. Start to tune into your physical body.

Notice your breath. Scan the body for any sensations - discomfort, tightness. Notice where these are held. Feel the ground beneath you grounding you in this moment.

3. Bring your awareness to your mental body.

Watch where your thoughts go. Without attachment, notice what is being told to you. Are the thoughts that come up based in reality or a story? Are they rooted in the past, present, or future?

4. Bring your awareness to your emotional body.

Where are you feeling these emotions? Are they connected to a thought-pattern in the mental body? Do they feel pleasant or unpleasant? Instead of ignoring or resisting any ‘unpleasant’ emotion, allow yourself to fully feel this emotion. Emotions are there to guide us.

5. Shift your awareness to your spiritual body.

Detach from the physical form. Notice if you feel connected to your higher self in this moment. Are you feeling guided or lost? Filled with trust or doubt? Come back to your heart center.

6. Finally, scan your energetic body.

Starting at the top of your head, your crown chakra, imagine a white cleansing light draping down covering your entire body. As you watch this light cover you, notice where you feel subtle sensations - tingling, vibrations, pulsing, warmth. Sit with these sensations and allow them to expand throughout your body and out into the universe.

Take a few moments to write down what you noticed.

Were there any patterns across the different bodies?

Was one body a lot “louder” than the others?

Where did you feel most connected and least connected?

Add this to your daily practice and watch as things start to shift for you.


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