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Pina Tripodi, M.Ed, is a teacher, author & artist, who is passionate
about helping adults + kids find 
p e a c e  through learning, creative expression, & mindfulness.

"Pina is innately an incredible teacher. She has a really great way about her of allowing people to come into their own."  - Marissa B.

Working with Pina

Peaceful Kids

Private Tutoring
+ Educational Therapy

I use my 11 years of experience as a credentialed Elementary & Special Education Teacher PreK-8 to create a customized learning plan for each child. 

I'm passionate about teaching the whole child. I specialize in my ability to easily identify areas of challenge, while maximizing a child's unique strengths to build confidence.

In person + Virtual



Special Education Support 

(Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD, Social-Emotional Needs)

Mindfulness + Art Sessions

Peaceful Parents

Energy Healing +


As a RYT-200 & Reiki Master Teacher, I believe that in order for us to show up fully for those we love, it's essential that we prioritize taking care of our own energy.

My connection with myself & others has dramatically changed since I have integrated these powerful self-healing practices into my life and seen the effects they've had on my clients.

Guided Meditation + Intuitive Readings 

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 

Reiki Certifications

(all available virtually)

mindfulness shop

Shop my Books,

Art + Classes

All of the resources I create are intended to inspire others to tap into their own creativity, personal power, and intuition. We are all creative, intuitive beings and have something unique to offer the world. I want to help everyone feel that.

Shop the first book + workbook in my children's book series, inspiring art, home decor, and online classes.


Sunny Finds Her Shine Book + Find Your Shine Workbook

Intuitive Inks Virtual Art Class

Useable Art + Vibrant Paintings

Art Commissions

Based in Southern California, 

I offer a variety of ways to invite peace

into your life no matter where you are.

 One thing I know best is that one size doesn't fit all.

By combining my expertise in teaching and differentiation, with my passion for art, mindfulness, and energy healing, I pride myself in my ability to make learning and healing accessible for each individual - no matter what age.

When trying to decide between serving kids or adults, 

I realized that I didn't HAVE to choose.

In order for children to make the most growth, as adults,

we need to be doing the work too.

It's our responsibility to our children

 to be Life Long Learners


Learning, growing, healing, expanding.

When we learn to prioritize our self care and live a life that inspires us,

we able to show up FULLY for our loved ones.

"Working with Pina felt like she was one of us,

just hanging out, imparting wisdom.

With all her knowledge, she is still very real.​" - Jenn B.

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